Growing A Organic Herb Garden

The most popular use for herbs is in cooking, and nearly every recipe can be enhanced with the addition of appropriate herbs. Can you imagine tomato sauce without oregano? Thanksgiving stuffing without sage? Herbs have many other uses as well. Many types make wonderful teas either individually or combined in blends.So why not add an … Read more

Growing Natural, Organic Food

Healthy Organic Gardening at Home Nothing tastes better than produce you grow at home. Forget farm-to-table. Backyard-to-table is the next big thing. While it is easy to buy strawberries at the grocery store anytime of the year, if you’ve tasted a freshly picked berry, you know fresh is best. In a single bite, you can … Read more

3 Common Mistakes When Planting a Natural, Organic Garden

Natural organic gardening can be exciting and fun to do and has many benefits mentally, physically and environmentally. But some people may run into the most common mistakes when starting their own natural, organic gardens at home. Overcrowding Although it sounds obvious, even experienced gardeners will tell you that every now and again, they succumb to … Read more

What is Natural Organic Gardening? (And Why It Matters)

Nature's Gardening - Garden Basket

Natural, organic gardening is a holistic, natural version of gardening where food is grown in harmony with nature and no man-made chemical substances and inorganic practices like chemical herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), growth hormones, or pesticides are used. Why Does It Matter? Growing your own natural, organic food tastes better than … Read more

About Nature’s Gardening

Hello, everyone.  I am Jane, the founder of the Nature’s Gardening website. I love nature and have had an interest in it all of my life and also love organic & natural anything. YOUR STORY Since I was a child, I loved spending lots of time playing outdoors with my dolls, cats, and riding my … Read more