About Nature’s Gardening

Hello, everyone.  I am Jane, the founder of the Nature’s Gardening website. I love nature and have had an interest in it all of my life and also love organic & natural anything.


Since I was a child, I loved spending lots of time playing outdoors with my dolls, cats, and riding my bicycle around the neighborhood. I especially just loved being outside when Spring came around. Probably my most favorite season. I remember how sweet and fresh the air smelled and how golden the sun looked. I liked taking pictures of plants, leaves and everything else outdoors.

Years later I developed an interest in herbs and healthy, organic eating when I walked into a Whole Foods Market one day and got a whiff of the natural, herbal soaps and the delicious food they were cooking in the back of the store. Then years after that I saw my neighbor’s beautiful, fragrant herb garden and loved the way the herbs smelled and looked. So that really got me into growing my own herbs then a few years later, I decided on growing my own organic, edible garden.

So growing my own organic garden really got me to love gardening and anything related to it. I also get to spend more time being outdoors and enjoying hearing the birds chirp and the squirrels running up and down the trees.


I just want to get it out there and bring it to people’s attention that organic gardening and eating natural, organic foods is very important and excellent for their health. Eating unhealthy, processed junk foods keeps you going to the doctor and dentist while eating fresh, natural, organic foods doesn’t. Also, getting outdoors is good for your mental and physical health too. Nature knows best.


My mission, my goal and what I get enjoyment out of is helping other people learn more about organic gardening and healthy, organic foods and healthy eating. I want to bring it to people’s attention that organic gardening is fun, healthy (mentally and physically), and good for the environment. Being self-sufficient and knowing what is going into your own food is a great thing.

If you ever need a hand or have ay questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Jane                                                                                                                                  naturesorganicgardening.com                                                                               jane@naturesorganicgardening.com 

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